We at Embarcadero 4 Dental are committed to providing the highest quality to all of our patients. With this goal in mind, we have created what we consider to be the criteria of a healthy mouth:

  • Plaque & Calculus-free
  • No Missing Teeth
  •  Gum Pockets 3mm or Less
  •  Absence of Bleeding/Inflammation
  •  Decay-free
  •  No Open Margins/Leaking Restorations (No entry for bacteria)
  •  No Fractured/Chipped/Worn Teeth
  •  Recession-free
  •  No Sensitivity, Discomfort, or Pain
  •  Healthy Oral Cancer Exam
  •  No Crowding or Malocclusion
  •  Mobility-free
  •  Fresh Breath

Through clear communication, education, motivation, and excellent care, we share the responsibility along with our valued patients in having them experience the benefits of a healthy mouth. A healthy mouth supports one’s overall health and well being, thereby allowing them to live a life free of disease and infection.